Frequently asked questions

Regular grooming is important because the skin is the largest organ of the body of an animal. Maintaining clean skin and fur is the first step in hygiene for pets since numerous skin conditions come from oily, dirty, matted, and irritated skin. A clean pet is also a happy pet.

Grooming intervals vary depending on coat length, texture, and the amount of maintenance performed at home. Most pets are recommended between 4 and 8 weeks for regular grooming.

We offer a variety of grooming styles for dogs of all breeds! From cute summer trims to complex hand scissor styles to compliment your dog’s personality. We offer various packages and a la carte services that are tailoredfor each dog's skin, coat texture, and condition.

Dogs require regular brushing to remove debris and loose hairs, stimulate blood flow to the skin, and distribute oils evenly throughout the coat. Regular brushing keeps your pet's fur free of tangles and mats, which could pull, tear, or restrict airflow to the skin and cause skin issues.

The fleas that you see only represent approximately 5% of the total infestation. Fleas will live anywhere, on your dog, on your carpet, and even your car. Flea prevention is the best form of parasitic defense; however, we do offer flea shampoo. Flea shampoo will only remove the fleas ON your pet. Flea shampoo is NOT a preventative. Anywhere your pet has been should be adequately treated for fleas before reintroducing your pet into that environment.

Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix are two great options for flea and tick control. Seresto Collars are another favored form of flea and tick prevention.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will assess the condition of your dog’s coat and skin. If the tangles are salvageable, we will do what is within our ability to give you pet a wonderful trim. However, if the matting is too severe, or covers more than 25-50% of the body, a shave down may be required to save your pet from the discomfort of repeated brushing and detangling.

De-matting is very time consuming, can ruin your dog's coat, can cause irritation and brush burn if too large of an area is being dematted, and ears are extremely soft and sensitive. Dematting of ears is very difficult and  can sometimes be impossible for the safety of the pet. Most important, de-matting is unpleasant for the dog, therefore, creates a not-so-fun day at the spa. We want your dog to have a good experience with us!

At allure, we offer a Shed-less treatment that can help remove up to 80% of the shedding hair on your pet. We use a specialty DeShed Shampoo and DeShed conditioner, allowing both solutions to lather in and work on the oils and dander holding the impacted coat in place helping to lift the shedding hair for easy removal.

The nails on dogs can grow very quickly. Routine trimming and buffing is the most effective way of maintaining a healthy nail length. Every 2 weeks to once a month is encouraged for dogs to have their nails done depending on their individual rate of growth. When dogs are left for months at a time, we sometimes are unable to trim the nail short due to the quick, or blood vessel, located within the nail. The quick is very sensitive and comparable to our nail bed if we trim too short or rip our nail. We can only remove the amount of nail that has grown past the quick. With regular nail buffing and trimming, short nails are easy to maintain!

Depending on your dog's individual needs and if released by a vet for grooming services, we offer all of our range of regular grooming to elderly, anxious, and compromised pets with a release form. We ask that all health issues present in your pet be discussed with a member of our grooming team before your departure so that we may best service your pet and keep its safety as a top priority.

At Allure, we have two doors between our staging area and the exit of our salon to prevent pets from escaping. All of our kennels have double closures to ensure all pets are separated and safe. We maintain water for all pets in our care with individual bowls that are cleaned and sanitized between each use.

We have three forms of drying for all pets in our care that range from our high-velocity dryers, to stand dryers, to ambient temperature fan dryers. We work with each pet to determine the safest approach to drying and prepping  them for their hairstyle.

Our groomers always maintain contact with the pets on their table and no pet is left unsupervised unless safely inside of a kennel. Dogs are properly and safely tethered on our grooming table to prevent jumping and falling. Our tools are always within an arms reach for ease of access so that we never lose contact with our client.

During check-in and check-out, a slip lead is used to maintain control of your pet between handoff during drop off and pick up until your harness or collar is placed back on your pet.